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2000 Series Staging

About our 2000 Series Staging


Our 2000 series staging was designed by Stuart Knowles and the team at Stage hire 3 decades ago. The system was designed to move Stage hire onto a Layher base from kwikform, Layher is in our opinion the most efficient scaffolding system available. Staged continue to manufacture and assemble the 2000 series at our facility in North Nottinghamshire. We have carried out a number of small improvements with a view to making it the best and most efficient system in the market place. Along side the improvements to the 2000 series decking system we have also designed modular roof systems which follow the same core ethos and design rules. These structures are fairly new to the market and are available to view on appointment at our facility.


Five reasons to use 2000 Series staging:

  1. It is compatible with the highly efficient Layher all-round scaffolding system. Everything is designed to fit the Layher grid, which makes for a fast easy build with no special conversion pieces required to fit with existing roofs etc. All the steel is galvanised and all sheets are lacquered creating a great finish with low maintenance costs.

  1. Fast, Safe and Fun, The lightweight construction allows very fast build in comparison to traditional alternatives, saving you time and money. Construction is carried out from above so there is no cause to be crawling around below deck bolting things together, which is a health and safety bonus. Anti-slip Phenolic Hexagrip decks give a great finish and are capable of withstanding heavy loads.

  1. Environmentally conscious – Our custom-built stillage system massively reduces the number of trucks required for transportation, which reduces you carbon footprint.

  1. Made in the UK – The system is manufactured in North Nottinghamshire at our HQ, which means no import costs to you or the environment.

  1. We have control – The whole manufacturing process is managed in-house, delivering fast turnaround times and the ability to design and create bespoke structures for you.

If you would like to know more about our 2000 series, what Staged UK can offer you and your event please contact Zac Coupe zac@stagedgroup.co.uk or call 01623 232842, he will be delighted to arrange a demonstration for you at your convenience.

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