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Band Stand

Our Edwardian bandstand is rather special. It is purpose built to fit our Layher grid, giving us the flexibility to offer it to you in a square format as a bandstand stage, or to expanded in modules to create a picturesque, ornate venue that is something out of the ordinary.

In its standard format the band stand stage provides a performance footprint 10.4m x 10.4m which is great for many types of performance, especially as it can be viewed without interruptance from 360 degrees.

Its cream roof is offset by a dark green ornate support structure that looks perfect in a park, country house or cleared woodland setting, bringing with it, as it does, a classical aesthetic.

10.4m Band Stand Stage Package
Covered Span (width) 10.4m
Depth 10.4m
Performance Area W10.4m x D10.4m
Deck Height Min 1m
Trim Height (Peak of roof to deck) 5.5m
Access Treads
Decking System Staged 2000 Series
Scaffold System Layher Allround O type 2072 Grid