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Festival Staging 

Octo Roof Series

Existing Festival Stage structures in the market are looking tired with designs dating back to the Orbit Stage from the 1970s. It is time for an innovative new product:- The Staged Octo System. Staged have created a series of modular aluminium components designed to be efficient to assemble. Complementing our 2000 series decking for a Layher grid which follows the same ethos. This set of components is unique to Staged, creating versatile elegant structures for a multitude of uses.

14.5m Octo Roof Stage Package
Covered Span (width) 14.5m
Depth 17.3m
Performance Area W14.5m x D 12.4m
Deck Height Min 1.5m
Trim Height (Peak of roof to deck) 7.2m
Access Covered ramp & treads in rear 2.07m
Integrated Cow Sheds Available 4.1m Wide Full Depth
8.2m Wide Full Depth
Decking System Staged 2000 Series
Scaffold System Layher Allround O type 2072 Grid