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Manufacturing & Development

We can manufacture and prototype new products much quicker than others. Where other organisations subcontract out their manufacturing, we carry out 75% of it in house.
We do a lot of testing right down to the last nut and bolt to continue to improve our staging product. For this reason, it is necessary to operate our own fabrication facilities so that we can quickly make changes to prototypes. 

Prototyping is an ongoing process for us and something that we have continued to carry out throughout 2020 when government restrictions allowed. 

Starting out by utilising the power of 3D drawing and printing to create a concept and transitioning to building the structures and seeing how they look and build. On some occasions we have used computers to design products that appear perfect on the big screen but when we get on the yard and attempt to build, they are not efficient or effective for crew. This is all part of our process and often there are many protypes before we meet the final design that you see in use.

As our staging system is not “off the shelf” we strive to continuously evolve and build something better in terms of efficiency, design, and sustainability as a product. 

We are always keen to hear the views of crew and users of our product on areas where it could be improved.